The success of Concert, Audition and especially CD Projects strongly depends not only on the quality of the playing, but also on the quality of the instruments and – in the case of a piano – tuning.

In chamber music I often have to record music with a piano and it is highly recommended to tune the piano before the session. Of course, the tuning of the instrument is an art in itself, and a good tuner can do magic with even a mediocre instrument. Luckily in Calgary I had the honor to meet an excellent master of this craft: Michael Lipnicki.  It is always a pleasure to work with him and his team of tuners on concert recordings and studio sessions. They always deliver an excellent result in piano tuning, voicing, etc. Michael also sells some of the highest quality pianos in town, and provides instrument for different concerts and competitions.

Michael is a great supporter of the arts in Calgary; he opens the  doors of his piano shop for young musicians to play recitals on stage and to enjoy the music in a very welcoming atmosphere. It is great to know that here in Calgary we have access to such great professionals as Michael.

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