Listen: George Benjamin’s ‘Written on Skin’ in its US Premiere

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I was fortunate as an audio engineer to spend a second summer in a row at the Tanglewood Music Festival, and to work with the Tanglewood Music Center fellows, Boston Symphony Orchestra players and multiple visiting artists. One of the highlights of the contemporary music festival was Benjamin’s opera recording. I was lucky enough to work on this project with Tim Martyn and James Perella. And finally today this recording is going to go live:!/story/george-benjamins-written-skin-receives-us-premiere/

Michael Lipnicki Fine Piano Tuning

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The success of Concert, Audition and especially CD Projects strongly depends not only on the quality of the playing, but also on the quality of the instruments and – in the case of a piano – tuning. (more…)

Recording classes at Lord Beaverbrook

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I just accepted a new position at Lord Beaverbrook High School where I will be teaching recording classes for high school students interested in sound recording. (more…)

Grammy time

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One of my teachers at McGill University just won 3 Grammys. Congratulations Richard King! (more…)