Live Concert Recording

As a recording engineer and producer I can provide full recording services for your project. Live concert recordings include sound check during the rehearsal as well as concert recording time.

The benefit of having a proper sound check gives us the possibility to find the optimum sound for your recording with a comfortable position of microphones on stage for the musicians, audience and recording purposes. If it would be beneficial for the sound in the hall and the recording I can give you suggestions on musician’s position on stage, adjustments of acoustics, etc.

If you want to have your project video taped, this could be organized as well. I can provide HD footage for an additional fee.

I will deliver your audio recordings within 48 hours of the concert and you will receive two copies of CDs from the concert.

The starting rate for an audio concert recording is $250.

If you need piano tuning services for your session, are looking to buy a new instrument or rent a piano for a concert consider

Live concert recording classical music

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